Barcelona is an awesome laid-back city that is nestled between the ocean and the mountains. It is also a popular cruise port on the Mediterranean Sea. There is a lot to see and do, but you also want to have time to relax and to soak up what makes Barcelona so special.

The Gothic Quarter is my favorite area - it is full of winding streets, old buildings, fun shops and tapas bars. There are also museums and the must-see Barcelona Cathedral in this area (with its resident geese!)

The other must-see sight is Gaudi's Sagrada Familia which is also the most visited sight in Barcelona - this cathedral has been in the process of being built since 1882 and is not expected to be finished until at least 2026! Gaudi, whose whimsical designs remind me of Dr Seuss illustrations, also designed several other buildings and a park in the city.

Barcelona is also a foodie and drinkie destination. Have some paella while sipping on Sangria. Take a tour of the mind-boggling La Boquiera food market (so many things to taste and try!) and follow that with a small group cooking class. These are just some ways to learn about and enjoy the Catalan cuisine and culture.

Thanks to new high-speed train routes you can now get to Madrid in less than 3 hours and Paris in about 6 hours (used to be overnight!) so you can easily combine Barcelona with another part of Spain or Europe. As mentioned, Barcelona also has a large port which cruises depart from so you can also spend a few days in the city before (or after) taking a cruise of the Mediterranean coast and islands.

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  • Sagrada Familia

  • La Boquiera Market

  • Barcelona Cathedral

  • Gothic Quarter

  • Cooking Classes

  • Wine Tastings

  • Bike Tours

  • Day-trips to Montserrat and coastal towns

Easily Combined With:

  • Madrid - 2.5 hour train
  • Seville - 5.5 hour train
  • San Sebastian - 6 hour train
  • Balearic Islands - quick flight/longer ferry
  • Marseille, France - 4.5 hour train
  • Paris, France - 6 hour train