Luxury to me means an upgraded experience which has added value and comfort; It certainly doesn't mean picking the most expensive option which I think is what a lot of people associate the word "luxury" with.

It means having someone waiting for you upon arrival to take you directly to your hotel upon arrival. It means a welcoming reception at your hotel (perhaps with a glass of champagne or a cocktail.) It means staff learning your needs and catering to them. It means having a spacious room with a special view of the sea or the city. It means having a private driver at your disposal as well as local guides to take you around town so you don't have to worry about directions but can relax and enjoy. It means treating yourself to a relaxing massage or perhaps a shopping spree. It means having someone take care of you and that all starts with day one of vacation planning.

I have planned many luxury trips - or "regular" trips with luxury components. Perhaps you are celebrating a special anniversary or a milestone achievement and want to do a "trip of a lifetime". Or maybe you are used to luxury in your day-to-day and want the same experience on your vacation. I can assist you with all the details of the travel planning and will work with you to customize the itinerary for your needs and expectations.

I also have travel experience for celebrities and other VIPS (senators, CEO's, etc), and understand the special needs for this type of traveler: typically short on time but want a full experience. I have the contacts on hand to provide a smooth vacation regardless of the amount of time you have to get away. Or your budget.

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Luxury destinations:

  • London, England

  • Florence/Tuscany, Italy

  • Paris, France

  • Caribbean Islands

  • Amalfi Coast, Italy

  • Islands of Tahiti

  • Switzerland

  • Small ship and yacht cruises (Crystal, Seabourn, RSSC, etc)

Indulging ideas:

  • Fly First Class
  • Private guided tours
  • Upgraded room types (suites, etc)
  • Butler service (at resorts/cruises)
  • Private cooking class
  • Private wine tastings
  • Spa treatments
  • Private photographer
  • Private boat rental (with skipper)
  • Private island and villa rentals with staff
  • Private driver/car at your disposal