There is often confusion on what countries are in Eastern Europe and what countries are in Western Europe. When I refer to Eastern Europe, I am referring to countries such as:

  • Czech Republic
  • Hungary
  • Croatia
  • Poland
  • Slovenia
  • Slovakia
  • Bulgaria, Romania and Moldova
  • The Baltic countries: Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia
  • Ukraine, Belarus and Russia
  • Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Albania, Kosovo, and Macedonia

The top 6 countries listed above are the most popular for my clients although the other destinations are becoming more popular thanks to river and ocean cruises.

Eastern Europe is generally more affordable than Western Europe when considering costs of hotels, sightseeing, and transportation. You can often get a 5-star hotel for the same cost of a 3-star in places like Paris or London. While there is train systems in each country, they tend to not be as high-speed or "deluxe" as in Western Europe so often it makes more sense logistically and comfort-wise to take a quick flight than to do a long train. Some countries, like Croatia, have a very limited train system so we would have to look at alternate travel options such as having a private guide/driver (costs a fraction of what it would in Italy.)

My favorite places in Eastern Europe (so far!) include: Krakow (a very under-rated city with good restaurants and interesting sights); Poznan (Poland - colorful buildings surround the main square); Croatia - beautiful scenery and excellent food (and drinks!); Budapest - gorgeous city on the Danube with a very favorable exchange rate; the mountains in Slovenia; and the castle in Prague as well as the charming smaller town called Olomouc (it's like a mini Prague!)

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  • Prague Castle

  • Matthias Church/Fisherman's Bastion in Pest (Budapest)

  • Islands in Croatia

  • Salt Mines near Krakow, Poland

  • Town of Bled, Slovenia

  • Bratislava's Old Town, Slovakia

  • River Cruises

  • WWII memorials, sights and museums

Sample train distances:

  • Berlin to Warsaw - 6 hours
  • Warsaw to Krakow - 3-5 hours
  • Krakow to Prague - 8-9 hours
  • Prague to Vienna - 5 hours
  • Vienna to Bratislava - 1 hour
  • Bratislava to Budapest - 3 hours