I am not an app.

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I am not an app or a computer program. Instead, I am an experienced travel planner and I use human common sense and practicality when customizing vacations for my clients. I don't just let the computer dictate what you should do but instead will use my real life experiences when making suggestions on where you should go, where you should stay and what you should do while there. More than likely, I have sent clients to your chosen destination before and oftentimes I have personal travel experience there too - especially in Europe where I have traveled extensively. Yes, travel agents still exist.

Never used a travel agent before? Don't worry - you are not the only one. Majority of my new clients have always planned their own vacations - wasting precious hours googling and making notes and trying to make sense of their travel plans. They are usually referrals from my existing clients who have heard through them about my services and the ways I have enhanced both their vacation planning process as well as their overall vacation experience. I can take the stress out of your vacation planning. You don't have to do it on your own.

For land vacations, I handpick each element to customize the itinerary to your travel preferences and style. I don't have any bias when it comes to hotels or tour operators that I work with - except I choose those that offer outstanding quality and value. The OTA's (online travel agents such as Orbitz or Hotels.com) do have bias in their search results - often the hotel companies will pay to be listed at the top of the search results lists. The companies I partner with are not like that.

With cruises, I again only partner with companies that offer quality and value. There's not as much customization with cruises as the cruise lines dictate the itineraries but I can personalize the shore excursions in each port, as well as the pre-/post-cruise stays.

I've been in the travel agency industry since 2000 and have seen the changes it has made in the past two decades. The OTA's have tried to take over the smaller travel agency businesses and it is a shame that many people still rely on the internet when planning their vacations when there is a better option - an experienced travel agent. A few years ago I launched "Travel Agent Awareness" to help spread the word that real travel agents still exist and that we are the better option to turn to when planning your vacation. We do the research and figure out the small details so you don't have to waste hours figuring it all out on your own while worrying if you've chosen the right options. We have the resources and contacts at our fingertips, as well as the personal travel experiences and advice you can't find online.

So, if you are wondering what it is like to have a real travel professional plan your vacation, then seek out a travel agent. Feel free to ask questions to learn more about our expertise and how we can assist you with your travel plans. I am quick to respond to emails and am accepting new clients. So why wait? Contact me now so we can get started on your travel plans!

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