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My name is Leila (pronounced like the song "Layla") and I am an experienced travel consultant. My love of travel began at a very early age - I was just a few months old the first time I traveled internationally to visit family in the UK. We moved to the Cotswolds when I was six and I used to draw my own maps of the countryside or play "travel agency" with my older sister. That early love of travel has only grown over the years and now I love helping others live their travel dreams.

I enjoy putting together all kinds of trips and vacations such as honeymoons, family vacations, culinary-focused trips, milestone + celebratory vacations, group travel, cruises (small-ship, big-ship, river cruises and more), and even pet travel (my dog goes with us everywhere and has visited 15+ countries so far!) I personally have lived in Europe several times and try to go back each year for at least a month or two to visit new places and old favorites. I've also traveled extensively in North America but call Florida "home".

Besides travel, I enjoy vegetarian cooking, gardening, playing pub trivia, tasting wine and spending time with my family and friends. I also organize fundraisers for local charities like the Covenant House. I am a founder of the Travel Agent Awareness movement which I started to educate the public that travel agents still exist and that we are the wisest choice when it comes to making travel plans. We also educate travel agents on the latest marketing trends so we can all be successful - together.

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