I like to eat. And drink. And travel. Most of my personal trips focus on these areas of interests (without meaning to or not) so it makes sense that culinary travel is one of my main specialties!

I've made pasta in Italy, been to most Trappist breweries in Belgium, and have visited wineries and vineyards in places like Bordeaux, Tuscany and the Willamette Valley (to name a few.) I've dined at Michelin-starred restaurants as well as food truck pads. I've gone to Cognac and to Armagnac in France and learned how they make these delicious brandy's. I've also visited Bourbon distilleries in Kentucky. I can't remember how many breweries I've been to but it is a lot. I enjoy seeking out local restaurants, coffee shops, food markets and chocolate makers. And somehow I don't weigh 500 pounds.

Have a special diet? No worries - I also have a lot of experience with special diets! I have been a vegetarian my entire life and have family, friends and clients who are vegan, pescetarian, sugar-free, gluten-free or on a plant-based diet. I am aware of the needs of these diets and will properly recommend restaurants and activities that fit well with these needs. That doesn't mean that I won't recommend a renowned steakhouse or BBQ joint if that is what you prefer!

Please check out my sister website - EatDrinkVacations.com - for more foodie/drinkie-themed trip ideas and contact me to get started with your culinary vacation. Cheers!


Popular wine and beer destinations:

  • Tuscany/Umbria, Italy

  • Burgundy and Bordeaux, France

  • Willamette Valley, Oregon

  • Napa and Sonoma, California

  • Champagne region, France

  • Northern Italy

  • Rioja, Spain

  • Belgium (Trappist breweries)

  • Munich (Oktoberfest headquarters)

  • Colorado (brimming with breweries!)

Culinary-themed travel ideas:

  • Pasta-making classes
  • Tasting tours in cities
  • Dessert classes/tastings
  • Paella-making classes in Spain
  • Truffle-hunting
  • Vineyard visits and overnight stays
  • Brewery tours and beer tastings
  • Pub crawls
  • Wine and beer-themed river cruises
  • Cooking demonstrations
  • Wine pairings
  • Distillery tours and tastings