How to say "hello" in 20 languages


Any seasoned traveler can attest that knowing just a few simple words in the native language of your destination can lead to better service and treatment. Plus its just the right thing to do!

So here is a handy guide on how to say "hello" in twenty different languages to help you get started. How many of these did you know already?

First, the easier ones:

1. French: "Bonjour"

2. German: "Guten Tag" (good day)

3. Spanish: "Hola"

4. Italian: "Ciao" (yes, it also means goodbye)

Now a little more obscure:

5. Portuguese: "Oi" or "Boas"

6. Polish: "Dzien dobry"

7. Dutch: "Hallo"

8. Croatian: "Dobar dan"

9. Swedish: "God dag"

10. Japanese: "おはよう ございます" = ohayoou gozaimasu (pronounced o-ha-yo go-zai-mass)

And finally, ten that you don't hear very often!

11. Tahitian: "Ia ora na"

12. Swahili: "Jambo"

13. Czech: "Dobry den"

14. Indonesian: "Halo"

15. Russian: "Zdravstuvuyte" (pronounced ZDRA-stvooy-tyeh)

16. Thai - "Sawa dee-ka" (female) or "Sawa dee-krap" (male)

17. Welsh: "Halo" or "Shwmae" (pron "shoe-my")

18. Ukranian: "Dobriy Den" (good afternoon)

19. Navajo: "Ya'at'eeh"

20. Pig Latin: "Ellohay"

There are also alternative ways to say "hello" in each of these languages, but these will at least get you started!

Happy Travels!


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